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I’m a Holistic Acupressure Practitioner and Shiatsu student in West Yorkshire. I support clients through bodywork to reconnect

and get in touch with their own ability to heal,

by creating nurturing spaces to develop body-mind awareness, interconnecting heart, body, mind & spirit.

Creating space to feel whole again



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Holistic Acupressure Shiatsu

In-person session

A one to one full body session received fully clothed and lying down, involving gentle rotations of the body, hand pressures, stimulation of acupressure points.

1hr (approx.)

(First session up to 1hr 30mins)


Please talk to me if this amount is not do-able at the moment - I am willing to operate on a pay-what-you-can basis.


Seated Holistic Acupressure

In-person session

A one to one fully clothed seated session offered either on a futon or a chair.

Here the focus of work is on the back, neck, head and arms.

This session can be offered inside or outside when it is dry calm weather.

30-40 mins



Grassroots Shiatsu
in the community

Online and in-person group sessions

Join Frances in creating space for and within yourself to reconnect, ground, and calm through gentle but deeply effective mindful movements, stretches, mindfulness and breathwork.

The sessions will incorporate elements of Shiatsu, Qigong and Mindfulness.

These sessions can help boost your immune system, calm your nervous system and ground you so you can fully unfurl

and feel more resilient.

No experience needed – everyone welcome

Available both online via Zoom and

outside in-person. Please contact me to arrange an online group session (minimum 6 people).

I will advertise open sessions on my Facebook page.

£5 per person

Wellness Coach

Guided Self-Shiatsu

Online via Zoom

A one to one guided self-care session, where I will guide you through a range of relevant gentle movements, stretches, acupressure points and breathing techniques, responding to you and needs from this session.

1hr 15


Please talk to me if this fee is not do-able at the moment.



Precautions, policies and procedures

Government & Shiatsu Society Back to Work Guidelines (Updated guidelines as of April 7th, 2021):

Close Contact Services (which includes Holistic Acupressure and Shiatsu), from a clinic, own home or mobile working (home visits) are all permittable from the 12th April in England.

I am very happy to announce that as of Thursday 20th May 2021, Connective Space Shiatsu will be

OPEN for face-to-face sessions! 

To meet Government and insurance guidelines and to make sure you feel comfortable when you come for a session, I have put various precautions and procedures in place.

Attending the clinic does increase both your and my risk of contracting Covid-19 but all the necessary steps have been put in place as follows to keep this risk as low as possible.

Reducing risk of transmission: 

I will be wearing a mask during your visit, and also a visor or goggles whilst physically working on you. I am asking all clients to wear some form of mouth and nose covering, a cloth covering or homemade mask is acceptable, as are medical grade masks. If you don't have a suitable covering then I have disposable masks that you can purchase for £1.


During your session I will, and I ask you to maintain 2m distancing until we work begins on the futon. The nature of the session means that we will to be closer than two metres at times. As and when this is the case I will be avoiding working on your head or shoulders in a face-to-face position.

Cleaning, disinfecting and ventilation of the space:

Please be assured that before and after your session everything that you touch will be cleaned with disinfectant spray and wiped down, including the futon, bolster, pillow covers, chair, any equipment that you use, door handles etc. The futon, bolster cushion and pillows have fully wipe-down coverings.  I will use a fresh cloth for each client for any head work - which will have been washed at 60 degrees between uses.

I will also be opening windows and the door to ventilate the room between clients and have allowed extra time between clients to do this.

If you would like to bring your own sheet or blanket to lie or and/or cover you to keep warm, please do so.

If you would like the window to be kept open during your session please do ask.  I suggest bringing a blanket to keep you warm if this is the case.


Please be on time for your appointment. I am not able to let you in to the building early and if you are late I will need to reduce the session time accordingly. This is because I am allowing time between clients to clean, disinfect and ventilate my space, so there is no time spare to allow for your being late.

Where to come for your session:

For in-person sessions at my practise space, I will meet you at the external side door entrance to the Town Hall building on Hangingroyd Lane at your session time. Please make sure your are wearing your face-covering. When you come into the building I will ask you to sanitise/wash your hands before our appointment. There are hand-washing facilities available and hand sanitiser is also available in the clinic for use during/at the end of your appointment.

There is also a NHS COVID-19 Track and Trace QR Code on entering the building - please use if you have the associated app. The English Government have announced that close contact services must for keep a record of all customers, visitors and staff for 21 days, so I will also be taking contact details of clients for this purpose.

Toilet Facilities:

You are welcome to use the toilet facilities (ground floor) before and after our appointment but not during. This is again to keep infection and transmission risk to a minimum.


I accept cash payments, but currently prefer payment by cheque and online bank payments & PayPal; if you have an online banking app on a mobile device with you at your appointment then you can if you like complete a BACS payment at the end of the appointment. If not you are welcome to use your internet banking facility at home before or after the appointment. I don't currently accept card payments.


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Frances Stoakley

Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire, UK

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